The Difference Between Content Marketing & Social Media Marketing

There’s not a single person I know that doesn’t know what social media marketing is. At the very least they understand that it has to do with marketing on the different social networks – Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn and most recently Pinterest.

But content marketing…what is that?

Is it print publishing, as in magazines? Is it some branch of journalism? Or perhaps the marketing of books?

Content marketing is the kind or term that people understand when you describe the kind of work it involves. I recently read an article in which one commentator rendered a rather creative interpretation:

“Content marketing is like organising a party in your own house. It’s your own real estate and you can party as long as you wish (and decide the music and drinks). 

Social media marketing is more like organising a party in the local pub. If the pub owner (or Mark Zuckerberg) decides that tonight is alcohol free, what can you do? If the pub owner shuts the pub you have nowhere to go…”

Toby Murdock over at Content Marketing Institute wrote an excellent piece that describes in the best possible way the difference between content marketing and social media marketing. I don’t think  you’ll find a better explanation anywhere else. Please take a moment to read it, and learn something that is truly valuable.

Over to you: How would you illustrate the difference between content marketing and social media marketing? Please share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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