Why You Need A Content Manager

Companies are getting excited about content.

They’ve realized that it’s the first point of contact with a customer and many are now ‘publishing’ their own stories.

The problem is that there hasn’t been a clear strategy to define content goals and expectations in the organization. Even within management there seems to be a disconnect concerning the role of content – The CEO wants ROI, the Marketing Manager wants SEO, the Sales Manager wants quality leads and on and on.

How does the organization deal with these different expectations?

I’m not too sure how many companies are intentionally thinking about a Content Manager. Forget about the title it-self and focus on the job description.

The person in charge of content in the company is equivalent to an Editor-in-Chief at a publication. According to Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer of Marketing Profs,  “He or she ‘owns’ the story in the organization.”

While everybody else is out there doing what they do best, they’re the ones who will write the majority of the content or at least oversee the process of creating and distributing it.

This is so important because powerful content isn’t just a marketing tool. It’s an opportunity to connect with customers, keep them engaged with your brand and facilitate the kind of feedback that you won’t get anywhere else.

A Content Manager is the person to make that happen.

So if you haven’t given this much thought, please do. Find the person that can connect with your customers by writing a story that sells.

What are your thoughts concerning the need for content managers?

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