Content Mapping: Creating Content to Overcome Buyer Resistance (Overview)

Why is selling so difficult?

Think about this for a moment. Your clients need to justify (to themselves and to their boss) the amount of money they spend on your solution. They will ultimately resist a purchasing decision if they’re not convinced of your product’s inherent value.

Therefore the inability to communicate value to a prospect remains the most significant cause of buyer resistance.

How do you overcome buyer resistance?

It’s not easy. It requires a good amount of research and the ability to provide relevant and persuasive information. Marketers need to understand and identify the reasons why prospects are hesitant in the first place. Is it an operational or a financial hindrance?

Marketers must also provide the kind of information that will break down that resistance and persuade prospects to make a purchasing decision.

Content mapping

Prospects are people. People with different informational needs. People who fulfill different roles within their organizations. People who might buy your products.

As a marketer your job is to understand them, their interests, their roles, and the challenges they face while doing their jobs so as to persuade them and finally influence their buying decisions.

Content mapping does this by:

  • identifying your prospect’s buyer persona (their role, concerns, motivations etc);
  • identifying what stage of the buying cycle they’re at (early stage where they’re unaware of the problem, or mid stage where they’re evaluating potential solutions, or late stage where they’re differentiating between several solutions);
  • creating content that seeks to answer the questions that they have at each stage of the buying cycle.

Apart from servicing your clients’ informational needs a content map also serves as your organization’s blue print for creating and distributing content that is relevant and meaningful for lead-generation and conversion. It is a useful resource for both your sales and your content marketing personnel.

I realize that I’ve oversimplified it a bit here. I intend to break down each phase of content mapping into detailed yet digestible chunks – the next article will dive into the buyer persona discussion.

**This is a series of articles that explains the role of content mapping in your organization and how to create content that overcomes resistance throughout the buying process.