‘New’ Marketing Podcasts Worth Listening To

Managing the Grey hosted by C.C. Chapman who is the Digital Marketing Manager at Babson College and has been doing music podcasts for a while. Managing The Grey is about “new media, social marketing, no control PR”. Hmm. those are some more terms to add to the ever growing list of adjectives used to describe ‘new’ marketing.


Accross The Sound Hosted by Joseph Jaffe, of Beyond the 30 Second spot fame. Joe brings a wonderful perspective to this conversation because he has worked on the agency side of things and on the ‘new’ marketing side of things. Across The Sound is usually about an hour, but he does a good job of filling it with interesting content and gives a nice show summery on the Across The Sound blog (i think they call them show notes).


MarketingMonger.com – Marketing Strategy, Social Media, 1,000 Podcasts Hosted by Eric Mattson who is currently in the middle of conducting 1,000 podcasted interviews of marketers, innovators, entrepreneurs and other interesting people

Anyway, for me it’s kind of weird to just be discovering these guys as i’ve been an avid participant in the blogosphere for a few years, and finding these podcasts is like finding a parallel universe. Maybe bloggers and podcasters run in different circles.

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