How Johns Hopkins Hospital Uses Social Media

For conservative industries such as healthcare, social media can be challenging.

The fear of losing control causes many hospitals to shy away from social media, opting instead for traditional marketing. But not Johns Hopkins Hospital.

Stacy Poliseo is the social media voice for Hopkins Medicine, which has both a local audience and an international one. Her goal is to reach out to these audiences with social media and give a human touch to the brand. She wants patients to think of Hopkins as an interactive and conversational trusted resource.

When asked what are the most valuable lessons she has learned about social media marketing at Hopkins, she explains:

Think beyond YouTube

“You have to think beyond YouTube, Twitter and Facebook and look to other communities where patients are, in order to listen to them and get a feel for what they want. Go to photo-sharing sites and sites like Daily Strength and just listen and monitor. This is a big part of my job.”

Know Your Audience

“Don’t make assumptions about your audience or demographics. The Facebook audience may be different from the Twitter audience or the YouTube audience. It’s not only younger people that watch YouTube. Be familiar with your audience and your community. You have to really research this.”

Stacy has more advice for healthcare social media managers. You may read it here on ‘The Big Brand Theory,’ at Social Media Today.

Your Turn

Are you a healthcare social media manager? Based on your experience what other valuable tips can you share?

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