The Co-Creative Business Podcast

Welcome to the future home of CustomersOnFire – The Co-Creative Business Podcast. I ran the idea up the flag pole of starting a podcast on and have had some fantastic feedback, and i’m convinced that this is a worthy topic with enough depth to support a podcast. I originally started this blog to talk about microbrands & micromarketing, and as i’ve explored and looked into the best microbrands i’ve realized that they are all “co-creating value with customers” and that micromarketing is just one aspect of that co-creation. The important thing, IMHO is to look at these businesses more holistically, and address how the whole business has structurally changed from value chain that pushes value into the marketplace to a value network that includes customers as valued contributors of value.

Anyway, watch this space for more updates, and as ask-a-ninja would say “I look forward to co-creating some value with you soon”