9 Quick Tips to Increase Your Facebook Page Engagement

Do you have a Facebook fanpage for your business?

If so, I’m sure you have wondered what other successful pages are doing to grow their following and increase engagement with their fans.

Truth is, pages with strong name/brand recognition experience the kind of mind blowing success that most of us will never know e.g. celebrity pages, technology companies, popular fashion brands, fast-food chains and so on.

Most pages are slow in the making for two reasons: They lack brand recognition, or their content is boring (or both). So unless you’re a celebrity, the best way to increase fan engagement on your page is to provide outstanding content and to employ these 9 tips for promoting Facebook page engagement:

  • Post before noon in your time zone – It gives people time to see your updates and interact with it. Posting too late in the day runs the risk of losing an audience that has already signed out and moved on to something else.
  • Post 1 or 2 times a day and then increase as engagement increases – If you update too frequently without fan interaction, people might block your content as spam.
  • Use Facebook Questions to ask interesting/fun questions – If fans answer your question, it will be displayed on their news feeds as well (more eyeballs for you)! Also, you can start by answering your own question so as to encourage others to do the same (some people are just shy).
  • Be personal – Sign off updates with your first name. People like to know that they’re interacting with a person not an organization. Also try not to rely too much on automated content. It takes away from the personal touch and is more likely to be mistaken for spam.
  • Share relevant photos of your workplace, your employees or team members, conferences, etc. Keep in mind that Facebook is currently the number one photo-sharing site in the world. Take advantage of that. People enjoy looking at photos, so give them something to look at!
  • Recognize your fans – Fans like to know that you appreciate them. Once in a while get in the habit of recognizing your fans for various reasons e.g. ‘fan of the week’, birthdays, veteran’s day, mother’s day and so on. If you’re the creative type, you might consider designing a custom-tab to honor your fans.
  • Don’t forget to network with other pages i.e. Now that Face book allows pages to interact with other pages (it’s like business to business networking) take advantage of that and interact with other non-competing brands. They will probably return the favor by coming to your page and interacting with you there!
  • Learn from those you want to be like – Get in the habit of visiting successful pages to observe what they’re doing, what kind of content they post on their pages, questions they ask and so on. Apply the same techniques on your own page.
  • Ask for help – When you first launch your page, you probably won’t have too much going on for while. This is the perfect time to ask for help! Ask your close friends/family to help kick start your page by engaging with your posts. This will help to push your posts to other people’s News feed, gradually increasing the number of eyeballs that see your content. Don’t forget to return the favor.

Building a thriving and engaging Facebook page is not easy. It takes time and hard work. Most of all, it takes knowing what your audience wants to hear from you and consistently providing them with that information.

Over to you: What tips have you used to increase your Facebook page engagement?

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