7 Tips to Promote Your Healthcare Business with Facebook Ads

You may have heard that social ads are the future of advertising and to that effect Facebook ads have become a popular choice for healthcare business promotion. Perhaps the most unique differentiator about Facebook ads is the ability for highly targeted advertising on a platform that has over one billion users.

Facebook users provide pertinent information about themselves such as their age, gender, location, interests, family, friends and other details. This information is marketing gold for healthcare and other businesses wanting to focus on specific target audiences.

Here are seven tips to leverage Facebook ads for your medical or healthcare business.

#1. Know How It Works

When you run your ad or sponsored posts you are charged for the number of impressions (CPM) or clicks it receives. The amount you pay can be restricted by your daily or lifetime budget and there are no additional fees associated with running ads or sponsored stories on Facebook.

Facebook suggests you name your campaign, select your budget and set the time schedule for running your ad. When multiple ads are running in a campaign, Facebook automatically allocates more of your daily budget to higher performing ads.

You can use the Ads Manager feature to monitor your campaign’s performance, to measure its success and to determine if you are spending your Facebook advertising dollars in the best way possible.

 #2. Consider Psychographics vs. Demographics

Psychographics study and measure attitudes, values, lifestyles, and opinions while demographics provide quantitative data based on geography, age, gender and so on. Psychographics give a true, life-like portrait of the targeted consumer base for your organization’s marketing purposes.

Such key information gathered by Facebook allows healthcare advertisers to target & pinpoint their audience in a very precise and henceforth effective way.

#3. Use Interesting Visuals

You’ve heard the old adage that we “eat” with our eyes first. What catches our attention through visual imagery usually opens the door to relevant information. Hence smart use of creative visuals in your Facebook ad will make a significant impact on the success of the campaign.

With Facebook ads your creativity and imagination are your only limitation (other than budget of course!) so you to want think about eye-catching photos that will immediately catch people’s attention.

#4. Add Video

For those who prefer to watch rather than read, video ads are a great way to convey pertinent healthcare information or solicitations to the masses.  There are healthcare video companies that create amazing & captivating video ads to entice your target audience and promote your services.

Alternatively you can find a less expensive freelancer to take high quality video footage for your ad. The key thing to remember with Facebook ads is to keep them very brief, direct, and clear about what you want the audience to do afterwards (i.e. call to action).

#5. Showcase Job Opportunities

Do you need to recruit more nurses or physicians?

h over 1 billion people on Facebook, it’s a no brainer to use that ad space to market career opportunities within your healthcare business. There are several Market Place Ads to choose from and you can read more about them here.

#6. Play on Emotions

Playing on emotions is a powerful marketing technique. ‘Emotional Response Marketing & Advertising’ works best in the healthcare space where strong emotions are tied to health concerns, issues and supportive causes such as Shriner’s Hospital Love to the Rescue.

#7. Promote Events

Events promoted on Facebook have a greater chance of success than traditional marketing strategies. When advertised through Facebook healthcare exhibitions and conferences, or training and career events can have a much higher participatory turnout simply because of the huge potential audience that already resides on this platform.

Key Takeaway

Facebook ads are tremendously beneficial for healthcare marketing. The potential for reaching new patients, host successful healthcare events and bring global awareness to health issues and medical initiatives is immense.

However before you go out and spend a lot of money on a Facebook ad campaign, be clear about what your end-goals are, and plan for how you will retain and engage your fans once they are ‘converted’ by your ad.

Over to you: Are you using Facebook advertising to promote your healthcare business? What experiences have you had so far – please share in the comment box below.

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