7 Proven Tips for Healthcare Brands on Facebook

Everyone wants to be liked. Including healthcare brands on Facebook. But sometimes their over-cautious approach towards social media, though understandable often restricts them from doing things that could give them a strong Facebook presence.

But one healthcare company is doing things a little differently – Medtronic Diabetes. Their Facebook page has over 132,000 ‘Likes’ and their fan engagement is nothing short of enviable.

Here are 7 proven tips from Medtronic Diabetes’ Facebook page, which your healthcare business should consider if you’re looking for more likes and more engagement.

#1. Create Highly Sharable Content

People go to a healthcare Facebook page to learn about their health issue and to socialize with others who are in the same boat. If you want to earn the attention of fans give them information that is highly useful, sharable and even fun.

I love that a big company like Medtronic is also very personable on Facebook, even using humor and cartoons to engage with their audience.

#2. Vary Content Type

Facebook has been described as a ‘picture-economy‘ by experts such as Guy Kawasaki et al. In fact one of the reasons Medtronic has been so successful on Facebook is because of their intense focus on visual content. Take a look at some of their delightful images.

But pictures aren’t the only type of content that works on Facebook. Try Q&A sessions led by medical experts, patient-focused stories, hold contests, invite your community members to share their experiences, and so on. And if you don’t know what kind of content your fans want then ask them.

 #3. Invest in Passionate Community Managers

A sure-fire way to be successful on Facebook is to invest in a passionate community manager who understands how to engage with fans. A great community manager is one who understands the audience well, is persuasive and focused on good customer service and prompt engagement, and is quick to respond to posts and comments.

While many other healthcare brands are struggling on Facebook, it’s easy to see that Medtronic Diabetes has a Facebook community manager who knows how to draw in fans and hold their attention. The page is consistently updated with content that resonates extremely well with their community thus creating a passionate and energetic community.

#4. Spotlight your Fans

If there’s one thing that Medtronic Diabetes does better than any other healthcare brand on Facebook it’s spotlighting their fans. Practically every post they publish is about giving prominence to their community members and  building camaraderie among their fans.

Medtronic understands that a successful and engaged Facebook community is one where communal learning and shared experiences are encouraged and supported.

#5. Watch the Timing and Frequency of Posts

One of the top reasons why fans hide posts from their Newsfeed is that some brands post too often or post off-topic. On Facebook it’s not enough to post engaging content. It is equally important to do so consistently and regularly so that fans have an expectation for new content.

That said, timing is not the same for every healthcare brand. You have to test and see what works best for your community. The Medtronic Facebook page is updated every day in the morning and evening. This allows their fans enough time to come back and find something new to discuss and share.

Over to you: What did I miss? What other Facebook tips can you share with other healthcare brands? Please leave a comment in the box below.

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