4 Tips for Handling Negative Social Media Comments

When it comes to dealing with negative social media comments, more than half of marketers aren’t sure what to do.

Recent research published on eMarketer shows only 45% of marketers currently have an effective strategy to deal with negative social media posts; 23% don’t have any kind of plan; 25% are working on getting a plan; and 8% have a plan that doesn’t work.

Remember the old saying—no one plans to fail, they fail to plan.

Dealing with negative social media posts can be time-consuming and uncomfortable, particularly if you don’t have a written policy for handling them. Rather than waiting until disgruntled customers or anonymous haters (you should be able to tell them apart!) show up, make a plan for handling those situations even before they arise.

Here are 4 things you should do to tackle negative social media buzz:

#1. Create a Policy

Create a comment policy and make it visible on your blog and social media profiles. Define the kind of language or comments that are unacceptable and may cause users to be blocked from your community. If you work in health care, check out these health care social media policies.

#2. Moderate Wisely

Always moderate comments, but be selective about what you delete, hide or block. It’s bad form to delete a post just because you don’t like it; there are some conversations that need to take place even if they’re not pleasant. Sometimes you should let people vent, especially if they have a valid reason.

#3. Respond Judiciously

Ignore trolls to the best of your ability, but always respond to all others, all of the time. If an issue escalates, ask to connect with the commenter privately so you can resolve the issue.

#4. Respect Feedback

It’s important to create an open and respectful space where customer feedback is valued and sincere conversations can take place (even when they’re unpleasant). This inspires them to come back and even share your blog with their friends. However, that’s easier to do when you have a plan in place.

Thoughts? What plans have you put in place to tackle negative social media feedback?

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