10 Steps for Launching An Epic Healthcare Social Media Campaign

Are you new to healthcare social media marketing and wondering how to get started?

For conservative industries such as healthcare, social media use is challenging due to potential engagement risk, and privacy regulations such as HIPPA. But that doesn’t mean you should shy away from it.

Even large medical institutions like Johns Hopkins are successfully using social media marketing to reach prospective patients and give their brands a more ‘human’ voice.

Here are 10 steps to launching an epic healthcare social media campaign:

#1. Know your audience

Don’t make assumptions about your audience or demographics. Your Facebook audience may be different from your Twitter or YouTube audiences. You need to research and study your target audience by developing patient personas.

#2. Define content strategy

Decide what type of content assets you will employ (e.g. blog posts, white papers, YouTube videos, etc.) . Then create an editorial calendar to help you plan your social media content for the next 2 – 3 months.

#3. Keyword research

Identify key words that will help people find your content online. Avoid using branded terms to describe your brand, and instead focus on general descriptive words that prospective patients use in their every day conversations. For example if you’re a chiropractor, use the term ‘knee injury’ rather than ‘meniscus tear’ to describe the kind of problem you solve.

#4. Social Channel Identification

Decide which social media channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.) you will use. Understand where medical conversations are taking place and leverage those channels.

#5. Key influencers

Identify key influencers in your industry that could help you spread awareness about your practice or facility. Try to connect with them either offline or online.

#6. Competitive Review

Study your competitors‘ social media efforts and take steps to ensure that your content will be better than theirs.

#7. Team collaboration

It’s hard to run a medical practice and a successful social media program all by yourself. Identify someone else to help you with content research and development. If there’s no one in your staff that is knowledgable about social media, consider outsourcing your campaign for a short while until you have the internal resources to handle it yourself.

#8. Conversation optimization

Think about what calls-to-action (CTA’s) you will assign to your content assets. All content should lead the reader to taking some kind of action. It might be downloading an ebook, signing up for your newsletter or booking an appointment. Figure out how to lead prospective patients through your content.

#9. Message execution

Decide where else you will place your brand messages in order to amplify your voice and reach a wider audience. e.g. email newsletters, events, press releases, SlideShare, trade publications, etc.

#10. Measurement

Identify the criteria you will use to measure social media ROI and demonstrate that your social media program is working.

Your Turn:

What steps are you taking to develop your facility’s social media campaign?

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