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Your call to action

call to action

call to action

You prepared your gear, decided what kind of fish you wanted to catch, you tested the waters and set out for your big catch!  But that was five weeks ago!  Why didn’t they bite?

Answer: you probably used the wrong bait!

So after they read that compelling message,  were they supposed to do something with it?  Anything?

Every writing project must result in a desired action – otherwise it’s a total waste of your time.   Don’t assume that the result will happen automatically.

Prepare for it by giving your audience good content, and then showing them what to do after they read it.   A call to action is your chance to ‘hook’ the prospect.   Give them good, clear and convenient directions, or else they won’t know how to get there.

Here are some tips to spice up your call to action:

  • Convenience – give them a toll-free number to call
  • Benefit – give away something for free (supplies, accessories, information, entertainment)
  • Value – give something they will value, nothing tacky or tasteless
  • Urgency – give them a deadline
  • Exclusive – give them something they can’t get anywhere else

If you’ve done it right, you should end up with something like this: “Call today to receive your 15-day, no-obligation free trial!  Offer lasts 30 days only! Call 1-800-calltoaction now!”

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