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Will People Miss You If You Don’t Show Up Next Year?

This was actually the last line in one of Seth’s articles.

You might be thinking, “Everything is going as it should.” You’re blogging consistently, you have an active Facebook page, you actually have conversations on Twitter, and your newsletter is attracting quality prospects – everyone loves you!

But what if you suddenly stopped doing all that stuff? Will people miss you, or your content if you don’t show up next year?

For that to happen, you have to stop with the “safe messaging” and start raising a few eyebrows. Use your content to:

  • disagree with someone important – just because the ‘experts’ say there is a ‘proven formula’ to succeed in email marketing, social media or whatever, do you agree? If not, why  not challenge them and tell them why you disagree.
  • kick political correctness to the curb – when the unpopular thing needs to be said, shouldn’t you be the one saying it? They may not agree, but they certainly won’t forget.
  • declare your position – Surely you have one – at work, at home, or with friends. It might be something as simple as your ‘nonnegotiable value system’. What are you known for?
  • discuss your mission – Do you have a purpose that is bigger than yourself? Then talk about it. Use your content to illustrate a mission that will have a positive impact on others. People resonate with goals that are bigger than life!

That way, if you don’t show up next year, people will wonder: “What happened to her? She had such a cool thing going on.”

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