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Why You Should Publish ‘Other People’s Content’ (part 2 of 2)

As I pointed out in the previous article, curation is about blending your original content with carefully selected third-party content and presenting it in a way that is meaningful and appealing to your audience.

It is a much needed service in a world where readers are drowning in information. As Erik Qualman, author of Socialnomics points out, curators are distribution agents for creators helping them to put relevant content in front of the right audience.

But don’t get me wrong. At some point you must create and publish original content if you want people to take you seriously. That’s how thought-leadership is established.

In the meantime however, there are real business benefits associated with content curation:

  • Brand visibility: Organizations that are new in the publishing arena may use curated content to quickly ‘catch up’ and stock  their own digital assets. This helps to improve organic search rankings as well as elevating industry awareness of their brand.
  • Reputation building as a destination point for specific subject-matter content.
  • Lead nurturing is facilitated when organizations use content to maintain engagement with prospects throughout the sales-cycle
  • SEO and increased traffic: B2B readership is increased through skillfully curated content residing in corporate blogs.
  • Achieve consistent relevance: In order to stay relevant organizations need to produce valuable content on a regular basis. Yet one of the major challenges they face is producing enough content. Curation helps organizations to stay relevant by providing an inexhaustible resource of valuable information.

Brands that want to win over consumers understand that there is a need to present well-organized information on the web. Consumers are struggling with short attention spans. They don’t have time to sift through mountains of content.

It is clear that the role of content curator is more important than ever before. Someone must restore order on the internet. Organizations that do so most effectively will command the largest audience.

Do you think content curation might help to achieve significant businesses benefits?


  1. Hi there – this is a great post, highly informative and your know, I guess WebMD and PsychCentral are sort of curators…or m/b I am getting the definition wrong, but they are valid & reliable sites with lots of information.

    • No you’re not getting the definition wrong Kathy – you’re absolutely right. In fact they do a great job with curation because they collect relevant medical information from different sources (various doctors, research groups, clinical studies, hospitals etc) and present that content in an orderly fashion that is relevant and valuable to their audience. In some ways, we all content curators.


  1. […] Curate! Curate! Curate! It’s not lazy – it’s good neighborliness.  In fact there’s business value in collaboration and besides sometimes other people can explain it better than you! […]

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