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Why Healthcare Should Not be Anti-Social

HIPAA anxiety has caused a lot of distrust for social media in healthcare and Pharma circles.

What’s more the FDA has not provided useful guidelines for HIPAA compliance and the use of social media. In the absence of such guidance, private organizations have stepped up to the plate and offered critical advice on this issue.

What healthcare marketers must not forget is that social media is the new market place. In a more digitally connected world, it is where important conversations begin and business relationships are forged. And that is true no matter what industry you’re in.

Social conversation mentions

Social media conversations are the new market place

Image Source: ParkerWhite blog

But it is particularly important that healthcare does not become anti-social says Lindsey Weintraub of ParkerWhite Brand Interactive. “Pharma and medical marketers need to adopt social media in order to survive…they must meet people where they are: online” 

Ms. Weintraub’s article provides 5 compelling reasons why health, medical and pharma can not afford to ignore social any longer. She reminds us that business without social media is, “old, it’s heavy, it’s slow, it’s tired, it lacks functionality, and it simply won’t cut it.” I couldn’t agree more.

To find out how to keep your health or pharma brand from becoming obsolete read the full article here.


  1. The fact is as your infographic notes, the conversations are already happening online – now the question is do you want to leave the conversation in the hands of others?

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