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Why Frustration is an Important Part of Your Corporate Story

Many times when talking about the benefits of our product or services, we focus on the successes, the stories or testimonials of satisfied customers, and on happy endings. Rarely do we talk about the frustrations that went hand-in-hand with creating the solution.

A frustrated child

Frustration goes hand-in-hand with discovering and creating the solution - don't leave it out of the story.

The problem with this approach is that it’s only partly true.

As someone wisely said, “before we find the answer, before we even know the question, we must be immersed in disappointment, convinced that a solution is beyond our reach.”

Frustration and disappointment come in different ways: lack of support, tight budgets and limited resources, negative reviews, differences of opinion, disgruntled employees, mental blocks and so on. And these are precisely the things that we must wrestle with before a solution can be found. These too are an important part of the corporate story.

Take a look at how Domino’s frustration created an opportunity for their huge and widely successful ‘Pizza Turnaround’:

Organizations that struggle to ‘connect’ with buyers, and those looking for new ways to “be more human” should consider how talking about their frustrations and failures helps to create a message that is more believable and realistic. And that is appealing because whatever industry you’re in, it’s still a people-to-people business.

Key Takeaway

Happy endings don’t just happen. Many a frog must be kissed before the prince. And while frustrations and disappointments point to a painful and ‘best-forgotten’ part of the process, they’re equally important in creating a true and credible story that resonates with customers. Don’t leave it out.

Over to you: What do you think? Should brands talk about their frustrations as part of the whole corporate story?





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