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Why Content Marketing Trumps Copywriting

A lot of people get confused by these two concepts. So let me paint a picture for you.

Copy writing is like a hot date that ends in a steamy kiss. Content marketing is like a solid relationship that leads to marriage.

Now I’m not saying that copy writing isn’t hard work. Or that everyone wants marriage. (Although how long does a steamy kiss last really)? Let me explain.

The Problem with Copy Writing

Copy writing is essentially manipulative (it’s designed specifically to make the reader do something); and short-lived (once the reader performs the desired action then the chase is over) – until next time.

You see at its very best good copy leads to a specific, one-time action on the part of the reader – she’ll sign up for newsletter, make a purchase, download a report, or call customer service.

These are good outcomes, no doubt. But they don’t create a relationship. In fact if that reader isn’t nurtured, they will feel cheated and end up going elsewhere.

Make it last forever

Content marketing defines commitment. It involves freely and consistently giving away something of worth (valuable content) with the no strings attached. Sure you’re promoting your brand – by reputation, not by getting people to do what you want.

That’s because good content marketing produces trust, likability and loyalty – the ingredients that produce a long-term relationship that leads to business.

I’m not knocking copy writing altogether. In fact a content marketer who lacks good copy writing skills is wasting good content, because no one will ever read it.

Two heads better than one

Content marketing builds rapport without being pushy. It generates loyalty. Copy writing can’t do that – but it can convince the reader to keep reading.

Smart brands will want to combine both strategies to reap the fullest benefits.

Why? Because more than ever, brands need to persuade people who are tired of being sold to. It’s not easy.  But it is absolutely essential.

Are you willing to do that?

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