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Who Else Wants More Business?

I just re-launched my new website AND my new blog! It’s been a long time coming! Now that I’m here, I guess the next logical thought is, “Well, how do I get people to read me?” We’re all looking for attention, new businesses especially. The older ones have been around for a while and have pretty much marked their territory. The rest of us have to figure out how to stand out in an already crowded market place! No small task! I guess if you’re a small business and you’re not yet into social media marketing, your days are numbered! I’m learning that working hard doesn’t always translate into cold, hard cash! It’s all about finding out what other successful people are doing and doing the same! No need to re-invent the wheel here! And so I’ve hooked up with the whole Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin gambit for my business, because that’s where people are hanging out and because it works!!

Earlier today, I got off the phone with a new cleaning business in the local area. The proprietor casually informed me that he doesn’t have the budget for copywriting services (a.k.a. advertising) to help promote his new business and introduce himself to the community! Seriously? Thank goodness I was able to talk him out of it! Look folks, marketing in a good economy is important, but marketing in a bad economy is your blood-line!! I’m not saying anything you don’t already know. But there are REAL, MEASURABLE benefits to inviting a copywriter or ad agency to help create your marketing collateral material.

So let’s review. How to get more business:

  • Hang out where everyone is hanging out (social media marketing)
  • Invite a good freelance writer to review your copywriting needs and help you to generate business leads

Any thoughts?


  1. I agree about using social media for marketing. It is free, only costing the time you invest. Many more adults are using facebook as well as twitter. These avenues for publicity and customer/consultant interactivity should not be overlooked! Right on!

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