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Tweet This:The Case for Twitter

From time to time I encounter entrepreneurs and business executives who are embarrassed to admit that they ‘tweet’. For them, the term isn’t consistent with their business image. I can’t imagine why!

I think the embarrassment is borne out of myths and misconceptions, and lack of experience with social media. Twitter is a powerful business communication tool. Here are some business benefits for ‘tweeting’:

  • Twitter breaks news faster than any other channel;
  • Twitter gives businesses a glimpse of what status messaging can do for their organization;
  • Twitter brings great minds together and gives you daily opportunities to learn from each other;
  • Twitter gives your critics a forum, but that means you can study them and use them as opportunities to improve;
  • Twitter helps with business development when your prospects are online;
  • Twitter works perfectly as an opinion poll;
  • Twitter helps you to organize instant meetups (tweetups).

So if Twitter (social media) is not yet a part of your business marketing and communication strategy, consider the untapped potential for exposing your product or service to tens of thousands of prospects!

For more ideas on how to use Twitter for business, go here.


  1. I personally love Twitter. It’s my favorite social network. But I used to hate it. There’s certainly a learning curve to it, and since it doesn’t have the benefit of pictures and video and whatnot, at least the same way Facebook does, you kinda have to commit to figuring it out. But when you do ….


    • Brett, I’m still on that learning curve. Thought I loved the 3 1/2 minute book review you did on Twitter Power 2.0 and I’ll check it out soon. Perhaps I might be persuaded. Thanks for the feedback.

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