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The Key to Great Content

…is to remember who you’re dealing with.

The reason that we spend tireless hours creating content day after day, is the hope that someone will consume it, find it compelling and even act upon it.

We create content for people. Living, breathing, feeling people.

And sometimes we forget this. The editorial calendar says that tomorrow’s article is about ‘branding’ – and so we write something and check it off the list.

Did that article encourage anyone? Did it help someone who’s struggling to balance their personal brand with their company brand? Were questions asked? Were they answered?

You see it’s not hard to remember who you’re dealing with when you’re in the food business, or the flower business, or if you’re a doctor, a teacher or a swim-coach.

But a blogger, a writer, a content creator – that can be tricky.

“Who am I writing for?” is a question that begs to be asked daily.

Keep in mind that the people you’ve already served are your truest audience. Not only are they people with faces, feelings and personalities, but they have interacted with you and given you feedback. They could very well be your best agents to spread the word about your content. So write for them.

Some of the best ways to create great, humanized content are to:

Be vulnerable and transparent

Take a look at some of the conversations happening on Google+ these days. People are sharing their experiences, what makes them tick, and what ticks them off. To me, that’s what great content is all about.

Give your employees a voice

I’m not a big fan of outsourcing certain types of content (especially blogs). Do you really think an outsider can tell your story better than you, or your employees? It’s very difficult to connect with people when you put a stranger between them and you.

Lose the logo

Use an employee’s photo instead. Truth is, people will remember that face more than the logo (unless your brand is Nike). Try to include the employee’s picture above (or below) each piece of content.

Have fun

Look, if some of the best business relationships are forged over a meal, or at the golf-course or some other ‘fun’ environment, why wouldn’t you want to have fun with your blog?

Let people know that you’re a husband, a father, that you’re addicted to ‘American Idol’ and that your pet peeve is 45mph on the left lane! They could probably relate.

But keep in mind

That even when humanizing your content, it’s not about you. It’s about what people want to hear from you. Too much focus on your personality will take away from the brand message that you want to communicate.

Remember that people are interested in their problems and they’re hoping that your content can help solve them. If you can do that in a personable and likeable way, then you certainly get the idea.

What kind of things are you doing to humanize your content and draw people?

**Image credit: Social Media Explorer blog, ‘Social Media Humanization

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