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The Ultimate Guide to Using Twitter For Your Dermatology Practice

Are you interested in learning how to promote your dermatology practice on Twitter? Compared to other social networks, Twitter is one of the simplest and most straightforward platforms you could ever use. The interface is simple and there are no privacy settings or new changes to deal with every few months. In fact Twitter is perceived by physicians to be a more relevant platform for medical conversations than say, Facebook. Even with a limitation of 140 characters per tweet, Twitter is a great place for dermatologists to amplify your voice, accrue more influence, and extend your reach simply by leveraging this platform a few minutes each day. Here’s how to get started on Twitter. Planning Phase Define your Goals – Decide what you are trying to achieve with Twitter. Your objectives should be specific, timely and measurable … [Read more...]

6 Things You Should Do to Not Waste Time on Twitter

A lot of brands and business owners using Twitter are just wasting time. Many of them are not focused, and they don't know the tactics needed to attract new clients. Yet they have these unrealistic expectations about seeing results within a couple of months! If you're using Twitter to market your business, here are 6 things you should do to make the most of your time: #1. Follow selectively Twitter is a wild and woolly space, which if you're not careful, can lead you down multiple rabbit trails. That's why you should focus on interacting with people or brands that add value to your business. Profiles you should follow include your clients, competitors, people in your industry, people who live in your city (if you're a local business), professional influencers and so on. You don't have to follow your family and friends - … [Read more...]