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6 Things You Should Do to Not Waste Time on Twitter

A lot of brands and business owners using Twitter are just wasting time. Many of them are not focused, and they don't know the tactics needed to attract new clients. Yet they have these unrealistic expectations about seeing results within a couple of months! If you're using Twitter to market your business,┬áhere are 6 things you should do to┬ámake the most of your time: #1. Follow selectively Twitter is a wild and woolly space, which if you're not careful, can lead you down multiple rabbit trails. That's why you should focus on interacting with people or brands that add value to your business. Profiles you should follow include your clients, competitors, people in your industry, people who live in your city (if you're a local business), professional influencers and so on. You don't have to follow your family and friends - … [Read more...]