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Facebook Hashtags: 6 Hot Tips for Healthcare Marketers

Hashtags have finally found a home on Facebook. The new feature, which is widely used on Twitter was met with mixed reactions on Facebook. A lot of people are complaining that they find hashtags annoying, and swearing they will never use them while others are thrilled that Facebook has finally 'got it'. But for healthcare marketers Facebook hashtags will be extremely useful for search and the discoverability of your brand.   Image credit: Mashable While they're still not available to everyone on Facebook, that doesn't mean you shouldn't start thinking about how to leverage hashtags to give your business a headstart. Here are 6 hashtag tips for healthcare marketers on Facebook: #1. Experiment with Facebook hashtags Whether or not the new feature has been enabled on your page or profile, start using and … [Read more...]

How Hashtags Stoke the Campfire of Healthcare Conversations

Have you noticed how common the hashtag (#) has become in Twitter conversations? I don’t think even Chris Messina back in ’07 realized how his simple suggestion to use ‘a # (pound)’ sign would revolutionize Twitter? Chris Messina invented the Twitter hashtag with a simple suggestion to use it for grouping conversations While hashtags aren’t required for every tweet, they are very useful when it comes to: Filtering conversations based on interest/relevance Building communities Providing real-time interaction and feedback during hosted events Establishing thought leadership and influence #1. Filtering Health-Related Conversations Hashtags have become crucial in healthcare conversations. Twitter is busy and disruptive while healthcare is broad and structured. Any tool that helps to filter health-related discussions is … [Read more...]