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Millennials, Brands and Digital Content [Infographic]

Jay (not real name) is a 26-year old grad student from Chicago. He is single, is active on Facebook, Twitter and His favorite websites, newspapers, magazines or TV shows are: The Economist, The Onion,,, and Dexter. Jay has this advice for companies who want to truly reach him and his friends: "Take time to engage with us. Don't just push your message, but listen as well. Social media networks make this very easy for you but they're often misused or underused by companies like yours. Prompt a response, a discussion and relate your company to someone's life. Don't be afraid to step outside your specific product and go for the bigger message to which we can relate and participate." Millennial conusmers a.k.a. digital natives, are fast becoming a very influential group of consumers. Brands … [Read more...]

Doctors, Millennials and The Texting Culture

Like any other brand these days, doctors have to figure out the best ways of communicating with their audience and potential clients. Since the mid-1990s the Internet and cell phones have had a tremendous impact on culture and commerce, providing innovative ways for reaching out to people. The Millennial generation introduces an important dynamic to healthcare communication. Technology is in their DNA and cell phones are an extension of their collective personality. As they grow up and become more influential in society, doctors must consider whether they will embrace 'millennial communication tools' such as texting to connect with them.   Statistics The Millennial generation consists of those between the ages of 18 and 32 or born between the mid-1970s and the late 90s. This is the largest generation since the Baby … [Read more...]

Challenges of Marketing Communications Professionals and How to Fix Them (part 2 of 3)

In the previous article, I talked about branding as the number one challenge that Marketing Communications professionals face in the age of technology. Another common problem is the distrust of new media as a viable communication channel. Incorporating New Media strategies: The objectives of new media are to: allow for a huge increase in the volume of communication; facilitate increased speed of communication; allow for interactive communication; eliminate the problem of geographical distance. Organizations are hesitant to embrace new communication platforms due to distrust of new technology, fear of change, unfamiliarity and a lack of respect for social media. Here are some tips to help eliminate this problem: Understand and accept that times have changed and that there are new ways of doing things; Look to your team for … [Read more...]