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Millennials, Brands and Digital Content [Infographic]

Jay (not real name) is a 26-year old grad student from Chicago. He is single, is active on Facebook, Twitter and His favorite websites, newspapers, magazines or TV shows are: The Economist, The Onion,,, and Dexter. Jay has this advice for companies who want to truly reach him and his friends: "Take time to engage with us. Don't just push your message, but listen as well. Social media networks make this very easy for you but they're often misused or underused by companies like yours. Prompt a response, a discussion and relate your company to someone's life. Don't be afraid to step outside your specific product and go for the bigger message to which we can relate and participate." Millennial conusmers a.k.a. digital natives, are fast becoming a very influential group of consumers. Brands … [Read more...]

6 Ways to Engage Your Patients on Facebook

Do you have a Facebook page for your medical practice? Are you looking for fresh ideas to quickly ramp up engagement and participation from your fans? There are tens of millions of business pages on Facebook. There’re also those notorious, complex algorithms that mysteriously determine what fans can see or not see on their news feed. Both these factors make it incredibly difficult for page owners like you, to maintain engagement on Facebook. But as a doctor and a business owner you know that Facebook is extremely valuable to your practice. Here are 6 ways to improve engagement on your page. 1.  Post News articles, stories and current events As of December 2013, Facebook updated their Newsfeed algorithm with a requirement of ‘high quality content.’ What this means is that Facebook will start to give more visibility to … [Read more...]

6 Tips for Using Content Marketing & Social Media for Any Doctor

Are you a doctor who's interested in learning how content and social media marketing can help grow your practice? For decades doctors were able to get away without investing too much money in advertising or marketing. Then when the Internet changed everything, many of you started to use (and are still using) costly methods of online advertising to market your practices e.g. banner ads. The problem is patients have completely tuned out to some these tactics and developed chronic cases such as banner blindness. According to Pew Research, today’s patients are increasingly turning towards the Internet to find information (not advertisements) about symptoms, treatment and support. That means if you want patients to find you when they go online, you need to be involved in content marketing and social media. And in case you're … [Read more...]

5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Consider Google+

Google recently moved to upgrade its social networking system, which included a lot of changes to the Google+ platform. One of the biggest changes that Google made was to open up opportunities for organizations to create business profiles by setting up pages dedicated to their company information.  Although some may question the true value of this social media option, Google+ pages could actually make a huge difference in your business’ Internet presence. Image Credit: Shashi Bellamkonda Here are 5 reasons why your business should consider using Google+: #1. Advertising and analytics Google analytics has a better grasp of the way Internet traffic flows in and around your site than other social media platforms and can target users across multiple social media services. #2. Location and map services Google Places almost … [Read more...]

How Digital Moms Use Social Media for Their Kids’ Health

As a mom of a child with developmental and speech/language delays, I am constantly online researching his condition, looking for new educational tips, and to find out why this happened in the first place. In my search, I have come across sites that were informative and helpful, and some that were a complete waste of time. Digital moms like me are starving for relevant information to help us deal with the challenges our kids are facing. And that's why more of us are turning to social media not only to find support from other moms, but also to find physicians and resources that will answer our most pressing questions. Mommy Stats According to BabyCenter: 86% of moms make health decisions for the family. 2 out of 3 moms research online before or after a pediatricians visit. 40% have downloaded health and wellness apps on … [Read more...]

User Generated Content in the Cloud: What’s Mine is Ours?

Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Reddit, Fark, and Digg - all great platforms for creating and sharing user-generated content. Right? But what about content security and ownership? What happens to copyrighted work when it is stored in the cloud and shared on Facebook? Does it even belong to you anymore? Each social networking site has a clause about ownership of memes. It is contained in their Terms of Service (TOS). In terms of social media and content marketing a meme is "a highly viral niche content with a fast burnout rate." Generally with most social media sites, you maintain copyright of your content but agree to share it with the site (meaning that you give them explicit rights to do whatever they want with it!). The ownership of user-generated content on social media sites is a tricky subject. Michael Erin Strong of … [Read more...]

5 Things Children’s of Alabama is Doing Right on Facebook

"If you need a blessing, visit Children's of Alabama," says Rita Russell Daren one of the hospital's 21,418 Facebook fans. Children's Hospital of Alabama is the 10th busiest pediatric medical center in the U.S. Located in Birmingham, this facility has been ranked nationally in 10 pediatric specialties including cancer, cardiology and heart surgery, neurology, nephrology and others. But apart from healing children, Children's of Alabama has also done very well using social media content on Facebook to successfully compete  for attention and relevance. Here's what Children's fans are saying about them: Facebook Recommendations The true character of Children's Hospital is revealed in the collective positive experiences shared by customers, employees and other stakeholders. Here are 5 awesome things that Children's … [Read more...]

4 Reasons Medical Professionals Should Use Social Media Marketing

Can you think of the last time you pulled out a phone book to look up the number for a vendor? Why would you when you could simply type the name or category that you’re looking for into Google Search? As a physician keep in mind that patients, consumers and other users are searching for you in the same manner. Having a clinic on Main Street isn’t enough anymore. Online is the place to be - and not just having a website, but using social media networks as well. The question you should ask yourself is, “Why wouldn’t I want to have an engaging online presence to connect with potential patients and peers?” Here are four reasons why medical professionals should use social media marketing to interact with online users:   #1.  Your patients are looking for you online.  Make sure they find you. When it comes to looking for a … [Read more...]

The Difference Between Content Marketing & Social Media Marketing

There's not a single person I know that doesn't know what social media marketing is. At the very least they understand that it has to do with marketing on the different social networks - Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn and most recently Pinterest. But content marketing...what is that?   Is it print publishing, as in magazines? Is it some branch of journalism? Or perhaps the marketing of books? Content marketing is the kind or term that people understand when you describe the kind of work it involves. I recently read an article in which one commentator rendered a rather creative interpretation: "Content marketing is like organising a party in your own house. It's your own real estate and you can party as long as you wish (and decide the music and drinks).  Social media marketing is more like organising a party … [Read more...]