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5 Ways to Handle Complainers, Trolls and other Social Media Blunders

I work with healthcare organizations that are cautiously starting to embrace social media and blogging. I say cautiously because their biggest fear when it comes to social media is the potential for complaints, criticism and negative comments that might hurt their brand's reputation. I tell them that negativity didn't start with social media. Naysayers and complainers will always be there whether or not you use social media. So the question is why should you miss out on leveraging some of most effective marketing tools just because of what someone else might do. Isn't it better to prepare yourself for the inevitable so that in the end you can avoid a social media crisis? Fear of Social Media I had the pleasure of listening to Douglas Karr speak on this very topic at Social Media Marketing World in San Diego last week. His … [Read more...]

How to Avoid A Social Media Crisis [Infographic]

Social media crises are on the rise. Ever since United Airlines broke Dave Carroll's guitar in July 2009, thousands of companies whose negative actions were amplified by social media have paid the price in terms of public humiliation, loss of good reputation and in some cases financial loss. According to Jeremiah Owyang's, Social Business Readiness Report  (August 2011) 76% of these crises could have been avoided or diminished if only companies made some internal investment in social media planning and preparedness. To learn from where others have failed, he suggests that companies should follow the Social Business Hierarchy of Needs. This infographic captures the most salient points of his case. Download the full report by clicking on this link.   Embed this code to your blog: Over to you: What is your … [Read more...]