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Social Listening: Consumers Don’t Like It and What Your Brand Should Do About It

It’s common for companies to listen to conversations on social media. This way, they can understand consumer opinion about brands, products, and services. The problem is consumers don’t like it. A 2012 study by JD Power and NetBase shows that 40% of consumers think social listening intrudes on privacy, even though this is “social media." False Expectations? The question is should users even expect to have online privacy in the first place? Last summer Google basically told a federal court that people who care about privacy should not use their service and as Molly Wood, executive editor at CNET subsequently pointed out: “Google reads your e-mail, knows what's in your calendar, looks at your photos, and knows who your friends are, and that's just via its in-house services. When you include the breadth of its search, Google … [Read more...]

An Inside Look at Cigna’s Social Media

Cigna, one of the largest healthcare services companies in the nation, was one of the first companies to implement an integrated social media strategy. By consistently making innovations to their own social media product Cigna has become a leader in healthcare social media standards. Social Media Landing Page Cigna has several pages for their different divisions that service customers and other stakeholder interests. Cigna has developed a central page as a “landing page” for all of these different sites and pages.  According to Sarah Lindsay with Cigna, “Cigna wants to be where our customers are. As part of our coordinated social media strategy, we recognized a communications need from our customers, media, and employees for a centralized place to find everything. The social media landing page, launched in January 2011, … [Read more...]