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5 Things Children’s of Alabama is Doing Right on Facebook

"If you need a blessing, visit Children's of Alabama," says Rita Russell Daren one of the hospital's 21,418 Facebook fans. Children's Hospital of Alabama is the 10th busiest pediatric medical center in the U.S. Located in Birmingham, this facility has been ranked nationally in 10 pediatric specialties including cancer, cardiology and heart surgery, neurology, nephrology and others. But apart from healing children, Children's of Alabama has also done very well using social media content on Facebook to successfully compete  for attention and relevance. Here's what Children's fans are saying about them: Facebook Recommendations The true character of Children's Hospital is revealed in the collective positive experiences shared by customers, employees and other stakeholders. Here are 5 awesome things that Children's … [Read more...]

First Things First – Content Strategy Before Social Strategy

At the heart of social media is the desire that every consumer has to talk about something interesting, compelling and relevant and to share that information with his or her friends. The question marketers must ask themselves is: “What makes my brand so interesting that people will want to talk about it and share it with their friends?” (Even boring brands have something interesting to say!) You can’t succeed in social media if you don’t have something interesting to say. At this point in your social media experience, you (hopefully) understand that social media marketing is not just about having a Facebook page or a Twitter profile. Social media is the vehicle for communicating and distributing interesting stories (content) across the internet. In turn, readers share the content they think is compelling. What does content … [Read more...]

How Social Conversations Uphold Your Influence

With over 600 million users on Facebook and consumers spending more time on social platforms, brands are now using these channels to connect and engage with customers in the hope of influencing their purchasing decisions. But not everyone is happy about this. Fear As we speak many business executives around the globe are quaking in their boots at the thought of losing control of the conversation or exposing their company's soft under-belly. Unfortunately for them the business opportunity in social media is no longer in question. That ship has sailed. The challenge for them is to create a social business model that aligns with their organizational values in order to capitalize on the reality of today's market place. Opportunity They can learn a lot from American Express - OPEN Forum for example is an online resource and social … [Read more...]