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How Mayo Clinic Connects with Patients using Content Marketing [Case Study]

It's no secret that healthcare organizations are still wondering how to engage online without getting into trouble. For instance by October 2011 only about 20% of US Hospitals had some kind of social media presence. Some of the most pressing concerns preventing a greater adoption of content and social media marketing in this industry include: Privacy and security issues Professional code of ethics Malpractice liability and other concerns However organizations such as Mayo Clinic are not shying away from online conversations. Instead they are leading the way in developing compelling content created by: physicians and researchers telling stories about their research patient communities sharing their experiences physician specialists discussing patient care, innovations, and new treatments students of Mayo … [Read more...]

Content Marketing and Regulated Industries – Does it Work?

In a previous post, I talked about customers being accidental content consumers. The point being that consumers visit a business website when they need a specific solution, not because they're looking to read the company blog. This is more true in regulated industries than anywhere else. Consumers visit these websites (e.g. healthcare, financial) when they have a specific problem (sudden illness, financial crisis etc). Even then, they're likely to browse several sites in search of answers before deciding to go with a particular solution. So what kind of content do consumers want in regulated industry websites? Valuable information Consumers want answers to their questions. They want information that will help them solve a health problem, a financial crisis, or other information that will help to improve their … [Read more...]