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Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium [ANTHC]: Keeping A Strong Focus on Social Media

In social media we usually associate success with numbers - 'number of followers or fans', number of times content has been re-tweeted, shared or plus 1'd and number of subscribers. This is called social proof but it's not always proof of a job well done. Sometimes your numbers may be small, but the size of the problem you're solving is huge. I came across Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium (ANTHC), a small healthcare provider serving rural Alaska. The organization was created in 1997 to manage health services for the Native Alaskan people. Their success has been phenomenal. ANTHC has not only contributed to the near eradication of hepatitis A among Alaska Natives, but also made this population's rate of disease go from among the worst to the best in the U.S (quoted on their website). Now there's a story worth … [Read more...]

How Mayo Clinic Connects with Patients using Content Marketing [Case Study]

It's no secret that healthcare organizations are still wondering how to engage online without getting into trouble. For instance by October 2011 only about 20% of US Hospitals had some kind of social media presence. Some of the most pressing concerns preventing a greater adoption of content and social media marketing in this industry include: Privacy and security issues Professional code of ethics Malpractice liability and other concerns However organizations such as Mayo Clinic are not shying away from online conversations. Instead they are leading the way in developing compelling content created by: physicians and researchers telling stories about their research patient communities sharing their experiences physician specialists discussing patient care, innovations, and new treatments students of Mayo … [Read more...]