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The Key to Success with Sponsored Content

The use of sponsored content (also known as native advertising**) is on the rise, though not many brands understand exactly what it is, how it works, or who is currently using it. Sponsored content is content (e.g. blog posts, articles, Facebook posts, videos, tweets and Infographics) written (or co-written) by a brand (say SAP) and published on a publisher’s domain (say for the purpose of acquiring new audiences. Sponsored content is interesting, engaging, quality content NOT a marketing message. It should add value to the user’s experience (i.e. entertain, educate, enhance communication etc.), and always, always line up with the reader’s expectations on the publisher’s site. It should also be labeled clearly as originating from the brand or sponsor and not the editorial team of the publisher. Here’s a great example … [Read more...]

A Practical Approach to Content Analysis

If you tell a client or an employer that their content has issues, they will obviously want to know what kind of issues you're talking about and why they are issues. Knowing the answer to the question,"How do you know if your content is any good?" may not be easy. But it is extremely important if you want to show your client or boss how content measures up against the competition, and where it needs improvement. In order to judge content, you must become familiar with it, understand how it relates to other content and measure it for specific content qualities. A thorough content analysis allows you to flag problem areas, apply qualitative ratings, and illustrate real-life business reasons for improvement in a way that a client or an employer can appreciate. Read full article here. … [Read more...]