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6 Must-Have Blogging Tools to Boost Your Productivity

Are you looking for ways to enhance your blogging process? Do you need some tools to help you stay productive? Here are six tools that could make your life easier and faster. #1. Trello Trello is pretty neat. It is a project management platform that allows users to work on a project from different locations. It provides an interface that can be accessed by all members of a team so that they may complete tasks. It is especially useful for virtual team collaboration. If you manage a multi-author blog, you can use Trello to assign blog projects to your writers, keep track of everyone's progress, and communicate instructions or due dates. ¬†Trello comes with boards, cards, lists and labels to maximize communication and productivity. #2. Dropbox Dropbox allows you to easily share files between different computers and devices … [Read more...]

Do You Have An Accountability Buddy?

An Accountability Buddy is someone who helps you to meet your professional goals and commitments. Someone who motivates you to succeed and who pushes you in the right direction. If you work alone, it's easy to skip something on your 'To-do' list, since no-one else knows it's in there. It's equally easy to procrastinate on a personal project that should have have been done weeks or months ago! Having an Accountability Buddy is a productive way to work. It allows someone else to 'step into your world' and help you implement your goals. After attending the International Freelancers Day Conference this past weekend, I was very fortunate to find a talented freelance writer located in Canada, who is a perfect fit for my accountability¬†needs! We'll be meeting once a week over a 'virtual cup o' coffee' - good stuff! If you're looking for a … [Read more...]