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3 Reasons To Use Long-Tail Keywords to Optimize Your Web Content

Last Friday my son turned three. We ordered Mexican. We also received a check from his grandmother in New York, who wanted to buy a pair of lego shoes for the boy. So I said to my husband, "They probably have a lego store at the mall in Columbia - you should go check it out." But he wanted to go online and look around first (because that's what people do these days before they make a purchase). So anyway, he found the perfect pair of shoes at Arundell Mills Mall - two counties and thirteen miles away. His search terms were, "lego shoes for kids" not "shoes". Elementary, right? Long-tail keyword search is not a new concept. It's just gaining more respect as marketers (and search engines) realize that people have long been using more specific words (or phrases) to find their solution. Think about that regarding your own web … [Read more...]