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Google+ Communities: What Healthcare Marketers Need to Know

Are you on Google+? Does your healthcare brand have its own Google+ community? I don't know if it's necessary to state the obvious. But I will. Social media fatigue is killing healthcare marketers (well, figuratively speaking). Think about how many social networks you belong to. How much time you invest in them each day. Each week. Each month. When a new one comes along do you look forward to jumping on board or do you dread the idea of 'yet one more thing' that you have to do? Personally I don't buy the idea that your brand's digital footprint has to extend to every social media platform on the web. It is exhausting to your marketing team. But I do think you should be thoughtful and strategic about the social media platform(s) you choose to engage in. Understand that they are not all created equal, and that some … [Read more...]