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How Smart Content Solves the Engagement Problem

A recent study by Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs, revealed that content marketing acceptance and usage is high across all industries, with no single industry reporting less than 70% adoption. And yet just like in previous years, marketers continue to lament that their number one challenge is creating relevant and engaging content. Why is engagement still a problem? Well let's look at it from the consumers point of view. If you think about it, customers are accidental content consumers. They don't visit a business website merely for their reading pleasure. They're there to buy, to get product information or for support. If they happen to encounter relevant, or engaging content while they're at it, then that becomes additional information that helps to support their buying decision. The funny thing is that smart content … [Read more...]

Brand New Study Reveals What Makes for Effective Content Marketing

A newly released study by Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs titled, 'B2B Content Marketing: 2012 Benchmarks, Budgets & Trends' shows that: "40% of marketers consider themselves to be more effective in content marketing than their competitors." According to the report effective marketers spend more money and are more strategic in their approach: #1. They allocate 31% more of their budget on content marketing compared to less effective marketers who only invest 18%. #2. They are 50% more likely to consider the "stage in the buying cycle" when developing content, while less effective marketers tailor their content any way they please. #3. They benefit from significantly more buy-in from senior members of the organization. While content effectiveness is defined by an organization's specific goals, the top content … [Read more...]

Content’s Competitive Advantage: Interview with Ann Handley

Do you enjoy hearing how others are leveraging content marketing?  How about experts? Are you interested in learning from their industry knowledge and insights? Sometimes hearing what an expert has to say about a subject is an excellent opportunity to improve your content marketing strategy. I sat down (on Skype) with Ann Handley, CCO of MarketingProfs, co-author of Content Rules, and a key speaker at the upcoming Content Marketing World conference. Ann spoke very persuasively on a variety of topics surrounding content marketing, MarketingProfs, and her new book. Listen to the podcast Download the full transcript Content types and contributors Q. MarketingProfs is one of the leading blogs in the industry. What type of content are you publishing on that platform? A. We publish a daily newsletter of which the … [Read more...]

Book Review:Content Rules by Ann Handley & C.C. Chapman

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to meet Ann Handley earlier this year at her Content Rules book tour in Arlington, VA. I’d been following her on Twitter and reading MarketingProfs for several months when I became convinced she was emerging as one of the most influential voices in online marketing. So it was a great joy to meet her, pose for a picture together and leave with one of my now favorite marketing books ever – Content Rules. This book blew my mind.  For one, I had not yet made the connection between social media and content marketing – I was still treating them as two separate entities. Reading this book was for me the moment the clouds parted and the angels sang – it was then that I understood social media is impotent without content marketing. And that’s why this book is so important.  I believe it has … [Read more...]