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6 Ways to Boost Lead Generation with Twitter

The problem with Twitter is figuring out how to separate the wheat from the chaff. With few rules, fewer leaders, and very little structure, it’s not surprising that many marketers don’t know what to do with it. However, generating leads on Twitter can be amazingly effective. Twitter is all about relationship building, which makes it very easy to turn followers into valuable prospects, clients, and brand champions. Generating leads on Twitter is possible when you have a strategy. Here are 6 tips for generating leads with Twitter: #1. Follow selectively Twitter is what you make of it. If you’re not careful, it can lead you down multiple rabbit holes. That’s why you should focus on interacting with people or brands that add value to your business when your aim is generating leads on Twitter. It’s hard to attract and … [Read more...]

Content Mapping: How Buying Cycles Inform Your Content Strategy

Most B2B marketers recognize that great content has the ability to influence potential customers. What is not so clear is when to share content and how much to share. It's a bit like explaining sex to your kids - When they're really young they don't need too much information. But as they grow older, their curiosity intensifies and their questions become more sophisticated. At that point you will need to give them more (age-appropriate) information. If you don't, they'll get it one way or the other (yikes!) What do they need to know It's the same thing with your prospects when they're at different stages of the buying cycle. You should always ask yourself what their needs are at each stage and what kind of content they require to address those needs. Too much too soon will scare them off and too little too late will send them to … [Read more...]

Content Mapping: How Buyer Personas Drive Your Content Strategy

The chorus about content marketing and how it influences buyer behavior is getting louder. No-one in Corporate America will argue that content has not emerged as a powerful tool to address buyer concerns, shape brand perceptions and ultimately influence purchasing decisions. The problem however is that marketers aren't necessarily creating the kind of content that persuades prospects to buy their products. Pushy Messaging Many brands are still investing heavily in content that gives off heavy marketing vibes - product information, self-centered messaging and other irrelevant information that turns off prospects and generates buyer resistance. In order to create content that resonates with buyers and actually influences their purchasing decisions it is necessary to develop detailed buyer insights that tell why prospects behave … [Read more...]

Content Mapping: Creating Content to Overcome Buyer Resistance (Overview)

Why is selling so difficult? Think about this for a moment. Your clients need to justify (to themselves and to their boss) the amount of money they spend on your solution. They will ultimately resist a purchasing decision if they're not convinced of your product's inherent value. Therefore the inability to communicate value to a prospect remains the most significant cause of buyer resistance. How do you overcome buyer resistance? It's not easy. It requires a good amount of research and the ability to provide relevant and persuasive information. Marketers need to understand and identify the reasons why prospects are hesitant in the first place. Is it an operational or a financial hindrance? Marketers must also provide the kind of information that will break down that resistance and persuade prospects to make a purchasing … [Read more...]