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How the Media Covers Digital Health Topics

The digital health revolution is empowering people to better track, manage, and improve their health. And the tools are there – smartphones, wireless devices, desktop apps, patient portals, and many more – all able to monitor, analyze, and report health data on an ongoing basis. But where do people go to discover what tools and technologies are available to help them manage their health? Well the Internet is a leading source of information. Pew Research indicates that 85% of U.S. adults use the Internet, and 72% of those get their health information online. But do people look for information about digital health on traditional news media outlets like CNN, Foxnews or NBC news? And if they do, what kind of information do they find once they get there? In fact while we’re on the subject, how much of the digital health … [Read more...]

Why Your Blog May Be Worth Millions

On Superbowl weekend AOL purchased The Huffington Post blog for $315 million. What they got for their money was: 25 million unique visitors PER DAY Arianna Huffington to lead the new digital-media powerhouse 6000 unpaid bloggers (past notable bloggers include President Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Diane Sawyer and a long line of celebrities and political heavy-weights) If this doesn't confirm what we've long suspected - that digital assets are the trend for the future, I don't know what does. How does this shape the way we think about business blogs? A business blog (which is where most original content resides) is the single most important digital asset an organization owns. It embodies the idea of content and community - that valuable content attracts and retains a community of brand-believers, prospects and … [Read more...]