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How to Blog for Patients and Families

One of the common problems that many new physician and healthcare bloggers have is 'shaky blog syndrome'. That means writing the kind of blog post that never gets read or does anything to benefit your organization. If the purpose of your blog is to attract new patients and families here are some things you should include in all your blog posts. #1. It starts with questions In order to have a successful blog you have to help solve your readers' problems by answering their most pressing questions. These would be the typical questions they ask during a routine check up such as, 'How do I know if my cough is serious' or 'How do I know what my blood pressure readings mean.' At first you might hesitate to write about a topic that sounds so basic and familiar to you. But remember that not everyone understands the basics of your … [Read more...]

How to Blog When You Don’t Have Time

Do you wish to blog but find that you have no time to do it? Did you start a blog with good intentions but quickly realized that you just couldn't keep up? If so, then this article is exactly what you need! If you find that you have too much to do and blogging doesn't seem to fit into your hectic schedule, allow me to share some tips (and yes tricks!) that have worked for other insanely busy people (myself included). Here are 5 true, tried and tested techniques to get you back onto a consistent blogging lifestyle. Make a reasonable commitment Look, if you have a crazy schedule, there's no point in adding more 'hectic-ness' to your life or making unreasonable expectations of yourself. You can't blog everyday - that's clearly out of the question. But can you blog once a week? Of course you can, especially when you consider … [Read more...]