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Facebook Graph Search: What Healthcare Marketers Need to Know

As Facebook Graph Search continues to roll out to new users, healthcare marketers are wondering how they can use it to increase their visibility. Here's what you need to know about Graph Search. Graph Search is a social search engine that connects a user's network of relationships (social graph) in a way that has never been done before. It produces completely unique and highly personalized search results in real time to each and every single user on Facebook. Searches made will first go through the user's network of friends, likes and subscriptions, while searches made that are not in their network will be answered by Microsoft Bing.  “Hospitals my friends have been to" or "Hospitals my friends like" would be the type of inquiry that the Graph Search is looking to answer. Facebook makes a great move here. They already have a … [Read more...]

Why Healthcare Should Not be Anti-Social

HIPAA anxiety has caused a lot of distrust for social media in healthcare and Pharma circles. What's more the FDA has not provided useful guidelines for HIPAA compliance and the use of social media. In the absence of such guidance, private organizations have stepped up to the plate and offered critical advice on this issue. What healthcare marketers must not forget is that social media is the new market place. In a more digitally connected world, it is where important conversations begin and business relationships are forged. And that is true no matter what industry you're in. Image Source: ParkerWhite blog But it is particularly important that healthcare does not become anti-social says Lindsey Weintraub of ParkerWhite Brand Interactive. "Pharma and medical marketers need to adopt social media in order to survive...they … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Protect Patient Privacy in Social Media Content

In this ever growing age of technology just about everyone is using social media for their business as a tool for sharing information. The e-patient movement actively uses social media to inform themselves and each other about health and wellness issues, breakthroughs and programs. Social media is not only quick but also quite cost-effective. But when it comes to the sticky topic of patient privacy and HIPAA, the fast and fun use of social media becomes guarded like the White House. Healthcare businesses want a seat at the social media table too but come under heavy scrutiny (and sometimes fire) for using blogs, Twitter, Facebook and other channels. Although there’s no rule saying you can’t use these platforms for healthcare marketing, no one wants to pay heavy fines for breaching the laws protecting patient health … [Read more...]