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Obamacare Website Not that Bad

Obamacare's website is really bad says an article on Washington Post's Wonkblog. That's because when 3 million people logged onto last Tuesday, what they found was a website riddled with glitches. It turns out that huge volume (traffic) overwhelmed the system causing it to crash within the first few hours. The Fact of the Matter Here's what we know for sure based on a report from USA Today. The site was expected to draw 50,000 to 60,000 simultaneous users but instead drew 250,000 users at a time. The bugs in the system prevented people from creating user accounts which would enable them to shop for health insurance. More than 8.1 million users visited the site from Tuesday through Friday last week. The part of the site that explains how the new law will work, and gives broad information about the plans … [Read more...]

What Healthcare Can Learn from Kodak & Instagram

Once upon a time Eastman Kodak was the consummate American success story. Dominating its market in 1976, it had a 90% share of the film industry, plus 80% of its cameras were sold in the United States. Kodak Park in Rochester, NY had 29,000 employees, its own fire company, rail system, a water treatment plant and a continuously staffed medical facility. Then in 2012 everything changed. The company declared bankruptcy, stopped making digital cameras and their staff dwindled by 90%! There's only one word to explain what happened - Instagram! In his very compelling article, "What Instagram and Kodak have to do with Health Reform" Dr. Rob Lambert explains three vital lessons that Healthcare can learn from the Kodak-Instagram story: Rely on technology to simplify things greatly Use social technology to cut out black … [Read more...]