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New Facebook Insights: What Healthcare Marketers Should Know

Do you have access to the new Facebook Insights? Whether you do or not, it's important to know that Facebook has 'upgraded' the way you analyze your page data. In a sense, this is good news because the new Insights present data in a way that is well organized and easy to understand. Improved Insights Previously you had insights that were a tad bit confusing and not very useful in helping you understand how to manage your page. For example the 'people talking about this' metric - which has now been replaced with a new engagement metric - was not very effective because it wasn't clear what you were supposed to do with that information. In contrast the new Insights feature is clear, user-friendly and self-explanatory. In fact Facebook has provided a pretty helpful tour demonstrating what the new metrics mean. Here is an in-depth … [Read more...]

How Hashtags Stoke the Campfire of Healthcare Conversations

Have you noticed how common the hashtag (#) has become in Twitter conversations? I don’t think even Chris Messina back in ’07 realized how his simple suggestion to use ‘a # (pound)’ sign would revolutionize Twitter? Chris Messina invented the Twitter hashtag with a simple suggestion to use it for grouping conversations While hashtags aren’t required for every tweet, they are very useful when it comes to: Filtering conversations based on interest/relevance Building communities Providing real-time interaction and feedback during hosted events Establishing thought leadership and influence #1. Filtering Health-Related Conversations Hashtags have become crucial in healthcare conversations. Twitter is busy and disruptive while healthcare is broad and structured. Any tool that helps to filter health-related discussions is … [Read more...]