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6 Steps for Creating High Conversion Healthcare Content

Your job as a business owner or healthcare marketing professional is to get more customers to buy from you. But you can’t get today’s customers to buy from you using yesterday’s methods. Today customers have access to vast amounts of information (both online and offline) that informs their buying decisions. They want information from you as well. Not just product information or mere marketing messages, but rather information that provides tangible solutions to the real-world healthcare problems they are facing. Creating this kind of content enables companies like yours to build trust in their communities, thus making it easier for customers to buy. Here are 6 steps to creating high conversion healthcare content: #1.Tie content to measurable marketing goals For any content campaign to be successful you must tie your content … [Read more...]

5 Content Marketing Tips to Reach Dis-Engaged Patients

Here's something you don't hear everyday - 'Patient engagement is actually declining'. According to a study by the Deloitte Center for Health Solutions: One in three healthcare consumers are currently disengaged reporting less need for care, preventative action, interest in patient education resources, and financial preparation; One in two follow a 'passive patient' approach relying on doctors for decisions, preferring standard care, and adhering to treatment; Even those who are 'online and onboard' with innovative health technologies have increased only slightly from 15% in 2008 to 17% in 2012. Not Interested The biggest challenge providers face might be trying to engage patients who aren't necessarily interested in engagement. Think about the online content consumption habits of a 'typical patient': They don't … [Read more...]

6 Ways to Revive Healthcare Content & Engage More Readers

If you talk to people the way advertising talks to people, they’d punch you in the face ~Hugh MacLeodon Marketing Speak. Healthcare brands have typically arrived late to the content marketing bash. That’s why they’re not always sure how to participate in social media conversations.  The first stumble happens when they attempt to engage before identifying their audience’s content needs and thus end up with a conversation that is irrelevant right from the start. Here are six elements of engagement (defined in theRazorfish Liminal Report**) to help healthcare brands understand their audiences’ content needs: 1. Value Consumers say that “feeling valued” or appreciated is the most effective way for organizations to engage with them. The problem for healthcare brands is their one-sided approach to both offline and online … [Read more...]

Attracting Digital Consumers to Healthcare

Relevance! It is the end-all-be-all for today’s digital consumer. When making a purchasing decision digital consumers are looking for content that is highly relevant to their current situations and needs. A report from Bazaarvoice found that more than half of digital consumers consider online content created by other users before recommendations from family, friends or colleagues. Fifty-one percent said the presence of reviews and other user-generated content on a website helps them get a better understanding of a product or service’s true value. Aside from reviews, their shopping decisions are influenced by endorsements and user feedback posted by friends, followers and other contacts on social networks. According to Bazaarvoice, 42 percent of respondents reported that content shared on Facebook, Twitter or another social … [Read more...]

4 Tips for Creating Infographics in the Healthcare Industry

Do you have great content that you would like to share with patients, staff, or other healthcare providers but find that it's too complicated or technical? Have you considered using infographics? The old saying that “a picture is worth a thousand words” rings true. Infographics are very popular these days and practically any industry has the capability of providing custom content through an infographic. What are infographics? Information graphics or infographics are visual representations of information, data or knowledge. Graphics are used where complex information needs to be explained quickly and clearly. Infographics are all around us in in the media, education, the workplace, and even in road signs. They convey cumbersome information in an easy, visually stimulating way. In the medical field, this can be very … [Read more...]

Email: Favorite Tool for Physicians to Learn About Social Media

A recent survey conducted by Medical Marketing Services Inc. (MMS) the industry leader in providing email marketing services to healthcare professionals, found that 94% of physicians prefer to learn about social media and new apps via email. The survey was conducted in February 2012 and the results presented at the ePharma Summit in New York on February 6th. Here's a summary of the key findings of the survey: #1. Huge interest in email 94% of physicians still look to the email inbox as their favorite place to learn about social media and new mobile apps. #2. Overwhelming use of PC's/Laptops Almost 71% (three-quarters) of physicians surveyed read their email on PC's and laptops compared to only 29% who read email on their mobile devices. Even though email content should be mobile optimized it appears that physicians do not … [Read more...]

9 Tips to Make Healthcare Content More Compelling

With a few exceptions healthcare websites are plagued by content that is dull, difficult to understand and fuzzy on the value proposition. Online readers don't have time for this. In fact studies show that readers will leave your website within 10 seconds unless your web content communicates a clear value proposition to the user. Compare and contrast Take a look at United Healthcare which provides a clear value proposition. Users get that UHC provides healthcare plans that are simple and easy to understand. In addition consumers can quickly navigate the site for specific links to: various insurance plans employer plans doctors in the network and other healthcare resources UHC's clean and clear site is visually appealing and inviting to visitors.   In contrast look at Assurant health which is poorly … [Read more...]

Website Content: What Healthcare Marketers can learn from WebMD

WebMD suffered a serious blow this week. But whether it will cripple the company or not remains to be seen. It turns out that highly commercialized content is one of the charges leveled against the health-information website. Critics and users alike have complained that the company is a ‘drug pusher’, putting out content that steers consumers towards drugs manufactured by advertisers such as Eli Lilly. But social media also hurt WebMD: Although they receive over 107 million unique visitors each month, and total traffic of 2.24 billion page views in the third quarter of 2011, WebMD revenues fell about 10% to  $20million. Experts and trend strategists suggest that consumers are turning to other sources for medical information i.e. social media. In fact a recent survey from health-care research firm National Research found … [Read more...]