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8 Things Healthcare Should Know Before Launching a Content Marketing Campaign

It's interesting. Healthcare has taken longer than other industries to get into content and social media marketing. In fact to their credit, many healthcare marketers I've talked to are not interested in 'me-too' strategies. They want to know 'the why' of content marketing. Many of them understand the concept though not necessarily the strategy, and they're asking some really good questions. I strongly believe this is the right way to go. So if you're a healthcare marketer who's feeling the pressure to launch a content marketing campaign just because everyone else has, don't. Content marketing is a long term commitment. And while it is a beneficial strategy used by industry giants such as Johns Hopkins and GE Healthcare, beginners should give themselves enough time to be thorough, and to ask the right questions. Here are … [Read more...]

5 Reasons Why Concierge Practices Should Blog

Are you a physician or physician group that has recently established a concierge practice? Are you wondering how to market your new practice?   The most challenging part about marketing a new concierge practice, is to sign up enough patients to make it profitable within a relatively short time. If you're like most physicians you're a medical professional at heart, not a marketer. It's not a simple thing for you to switch hats from doctor to business owner. It's even harder with a new practice when there's not much money coming in. Beyond SEO here are 5 reasons why blogging could be your best marketing strategy especially in the early months of your concierge practice: #1. Educate Patients About Concierge Model When you first establish your concierge practice, many people will not understand how this model of medicine … [Read more...]

5 Content Marketing Tips to Reach Dis-Engaged Patients

Here's something you don't hear everyday - 'Patient engagement is actually declining'. According to a study by the Deloitte Center for Health Solutions: One in three healthcare consumers are currently disengaged reporting less need for care, preventative action, interest in patient education resources, and financial preparation; One in two follow a 'passive patient' approach relying on doctors for decisions, preferring standard care, and adhering to treatment; Even those who are 'online and onboard' with innovative health technologies have increased only slightly from 15% in 2008 to 17% in 2012. Not Interested The biggest challenge providers face might be trying to engage patients who aren't necessarily interested in engagement. Think about the online content consumption habits of a 'typical patient': They don't … [Read more...]

4 Essential Content Marketing Ingredients for HealthCare Organizations

Patients are better informed today than they were just ten years ago. Instead of consulting a doctor, they first check the Internet. With all the health-related content that is available online, they are more aware of their specific condition and thus able to make better choices about their treatment. Unfortunately there is also a lot of false and harmful information out there that can be extremely dangerous for them to follow. That's why healthcare brands have a responsibility to educate and empower consumers with accurate, readable content that will guide their health and wellness decisions. However patients won't call your office or hotline number to ask questions and get the answers they need. Instead they'll go online to look for helpful content. If they don't find what they're looking for on your website or they will … [Read more...]

Great Healthcare Stories Meet These 3 Rules: Do Yours?

Several weeks ago a client asked me to write an educational article about - of all things - Oculoplastic surgery. If you're like me, you'd have been sweating bullets because I'd never heard of the term before nor did I know what it meant. How in the world was I supposed to write an article about something that sounded so completely plastic? But as I started to research the topic, I discovered that this was really quite a fascinating subject. It's a specialized form of eye surgery that corrects terrible injuries, deformities or other problems that involve the eye area. Usually it involves some type of re-construction of the tissue around the eye. But still. The challenge remained. How would I make it interesting enough for people to want to read. Around the same time, I was reading a book called 'Tell … [Read more...]

Healthcare Blogging: 6 Types of Content that People Love

It takes more than just publishing a blog article and sharing it on Facebook to get the comments, shares and page views rolling in. If you think about it, 2 million blog posts are published everyday on the social web. And most of those marketers are using social media to promote their content anyway. So doing the bare minimum likely won't cut it. Knowing what type of content your prospects want to read and share is absolutely necessary. The best way to find out what people want is to ask them. Simply conduct a survey and ask people in your social media networks: "What do you find to be the most valuable content when looking for a potential solution?" Then offer a selection of answers for people to choose from e.g. blog posts, white papers, e-book, webinar, podcast, video, case study, in-person events and so on. Or you … [Read more...]

4 Reasons Why Your Medical Practice Should Consistently Create Fresh Content

In this digital age that we live in, having a constant stream of fresh ideas in the form of content is key to the survival of your brand. Image Source: Wikimedia, Heavybluesman, under Creative Commons License Medical brands cannot afford to be left behind when it comes to content marketing. In fact a recent Pew Research study indicated that 72% of Internet users said they looked online for health information within the past year. Patients and care givers are looking to online sources including social media and blogs for information about specific diseases, treatments, and procedures as well as to find out more about doctors and health professionals. Content marketing offers tremendous benefits that traditional advertising cannot. Here are four of them. #1. Search Engines Reward Fresh Content Search engines such as Google … [Read more...]

3 Steps to Building Patient Personas for Content Marketing

In content marketing and social media you want to make sure you're engaging with the right people. So for example an OB-GYN practice using Facebook, Twitter, and a blog to bring in more patients should make sure they're engaging with women of child-bearing age within their geographical area. They shouldn't bother having conversations with young men, or people living across the country. If you're marketing this particular practice you'll need to consider the different types of patients to target: pregnant and non-pregnant women; married and single mothers; middle aged women and teen-aged girls and so on. The point is you want to have a crystal-clear understanding of your community in order to have relevant conversations with them, inform, educate and seek their trust. That level of understanding comes from building patient … [Read more...]

How to Start a Health Blog in 10 Easy Steps

Are you wondering what it takes to start a health blog? A health blog can be written by a non-profit, a government agency or a healthcare business. But it can also be an individual's effort - one blogger's thoughts, experiences and advice. It is not uncommon to see health enthusiasts take to blogging as a platform to share their knowledge in medical, preventive, experiential, political or other health-related topics.   Some of the more interesting healthcare topics I've seen online include conventional vaccines, affordable health insurance, palliative medicine, and EHR (electronic health records). Starting a health blog doesn't have to be difficult. Here are 10 basic steps to follow. #1. Define business goals Writing a health blog is hard work and takes a lot of time. So before you get started ask yourself the … [Read more...]

3 Reasons You Should Not Miss Content Marketing World Health Summit

Is your healthcare business taking advantage of content marketing? According to the 2012 B2B Content Marketing, Budgets and Trends Report 89% of all healthcare businesses have adopted content marketing, putting the industry at third place (in adoption rates) behind professional services and software industries. While this is great news to hear it is still evident that healthcare lags behind other industries when it comes to actually leveraging content marketing for business. That's why MedCity News and Joe Pulizzi of Content Marketing World have come together to launch Content Marketing World Health Summit, which will be held in Cleveland Ohio on November 7th - 8th. In case you haven't heard about it, here are three reasons you should not miss the summit. #1. Valuable content The summit will deliver highly … [Read more...]