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6 Ways to Engage Your Patients on Facebook

Do you have a Facebook page for your medical practice? Are you looking for fresh ideas to quickly ramp up engagement and participation from your fans? There are tens of millions of business pages on Facebook. There’re also those notorious, complex algorithms that mysteriously determine what fans can see or not see on their news feed. Both these factors make it incredibly difficult for page owners like you, to maintain engagement on Facebook. But as a doctor and a business owner you know that Facebook is extremely valuable to your practice. Here are 6 ways to improve engagement on your page. 1.  Post News articles, stories and current events As of December 2013, Facebook updated their Newsfeed algorithm with a requirement of ‘high quality content.’ What this means is that Facebook will start to give more visibility to … [Read more...]

New Facebook Insights: What Healthcare Marketers Should Know

Do you have access to the new Facebook Insights? Whether you do or not, it's important to know that Facebook has 'upgraded' the way you analyze your page data. In a sense, this is good news because the new Insights present data in a way that is well organized and easy to understand. Improved Insights Previously you had insights that were a tad bit confusing and not very useful in helping you understand how to manage your page. For example the 'people talking about this' metric - which has now been replaced with a new engagement metric - was not very effective because it wasn't clear what you were supposed to do with that information. In contrast the new Insights feature is clear, user-friendly and self-explanatory. In fact Facebook has provided a pretty helpful tour demonstrating what the new metrics mean. Here is an in-depth … [Read more...]

Blogging is Top Focus for Marketers Research Shows

Do you ever wonder what tactics, tools and strategies other social media marketers are using? Regardless of how long you’ve been involved in social media, chances are you have some questions that you’d like answered. Questions such as, “What are the best social management tools?” or “What are the best ways to engage my audience with social media?” These and many more questions were answered in the 2013 Social Media Marketing Industry Report, which surveyed over 3000 marketers with the goal of understandinghow they use social media to grow and promote their businesses. Here are some interesting findings from the survey: #1: Marketers Want Most to Learn About Blogging When asked what social media platform they wanted most to master, 62% of marketers said blogging, putting it in first place slightly ahead of Google+. This … [Read more...]

7 Proven Tips for Healthcare Brands on Facebook

Everyone wants to be liked. Including healthcare brands on Facebook. But sometimes their over-cautious approach towards social media, though understandable often restricts them from doing things that could give them a strong Facebook presence.   But one healthcare company is doing things a little differently - Medtronic Diabetes. Their Facebook page has over 132,000 'Likes' and their fan engagement is nothing short of enviable. Here are 7 proven tips from Medtronic Diabetes' Facebook page, which your healthcare business should consider if you're looking for more likes and more engagement. #1. Create Highly Sharable Content People go to a healthcare Facebook page to learn about their health issue and to socialize with others who are in the same boat. If you want to earn the attention of fans give them information that … [Read more...]

Facebook Graph Search: What Healthcare Marketers Need to Know

As Facebook Graph Search continues to roll out to new users, healthcare marketers are wondering how they can use it to increase their visibility. Here's what you need to know about Graph Search. Graph Search is a social search engine that connects a user's network of relationships (social graph) in a way that has never been done before. It produces completely unique and highly personalized search results in real time to each and every single user on Facebook. Searches made will first go through the user's network of friends, likes and subscriptions, while searches made that are not in their network will be answered by Microsoft Bing.  “Hospitals my friends have been to" or "Hospitals my friends like" would be the type of inquiry that the Graph Search is looking to answer. Facebook makes a great move here. They already have a … [Read more...]

5 Things Children’s of Alabama is Doing Right on Facebook

"If you need a blessing, visit Children's of Alabama," says Rita Russell Daren one of the hospital's 21,418 Facebook fans. Children's Hospital of Alabama is the 10th busiest pediatric medical center in the U.S. Located in Birmingham, this facility has been ranked nationally in 10 pediatric specialties including cancer, cardiology and heart surgery, neurology, nephrology and others. But apart from healing children, Children's of Alabama has also done very well using social media content on Facebook to successfully compete  for attention and relevance. Here's what Children's fans are saying about them: Facebook Recommendations The true character of Children's Hospital is revealed in the collective positive experiences shared by customers, employees and other stakeholders. Here are 5 awesome things that Children's … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Build An Awesome Facebook Community #fbss11

Facebook is a tough nut to crack. You think you've got it figured out and then they change it up again. For many of you who have Facebook pages for business, you've probably wondered how to increase engagement and build a thriving community of fans around your brand. Who doesn't want that, right? But with all the changes that are constantly taking place you're probably sick and tired of Facebook, and on the verge of giving up. Don't. There are some excellent, and super-easy ways to build an awesome Facebook community. During her session at Facebook Success Summit 2011, Andrea Vahl of Social Media Examiner shared some of them: Be a resource Provide valuable content through your blog. If you don't have a blog (yet), you can share other people's content as long as it is relevant to your brand. Facebook makes it easy to do … [Read more...]

How to Get an MBA in Facebook Marketing

Do you wish you had an MBA in Facebook Marketing? Do you recognize the effectiveness of social media in business and would like to sharpen your skills? Well there is a way to do that. As a marketer, you already know that Facebook has an audience of over 750 million people. Half of those people are active on Facebook every single day. Perhaps you also know that 250 million of them are taking Facebook with them wherever they go - on their mobile devices such as iPhones, Blackberries and Androids. Like you many businesses are aware of these numbers, and they too have a presence on Facebook. But not all of them are leveraging Facebook properly to create new opportunities and to generate new leads. If you're on Facebook but haven't figured out how to use it to benefit your business brand, you don't have to remain in the dark. What can I … [Read more...]

How to Use Facebook to Grow Your Business

With over 500 million users, Facebook presents a tremendously compelling opportunity for your business marketing strategy! This short video features Michael Stelzner, founder of explaining how he used Facebook marketing to grow his base to thirteen thousand quality leads in just five months! This is an unprecedented opportunity for your business! Be sure to sign up for Facebook Success Summit 2010 and learn how to attract and engage quality customers using Facebook. Visit this link to learn more about the summit and the successful entrepreneurs from companies like Intel, Cisco and Xbox who will be sharing their own Facebook marketing success! Here's to your Facebook success! … [Read more...]