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6 Must-Have Blogging Tools to Boost Your Productivity

Are you looking for ways to enhance your blogging process? Do you need some tools to help you stay productive? Here are six tools that could make your life easier and faster. #1. Trello Trello is pretty neat. It is a project management platform that allows users to work on a project from different locations. It provides an interface that can be accessed by all members of a team so that they may complete tasks. It is especially useful for virtual team collaboration. If you manage a multi-author blog, you can use Trello to assign blog projects to your writers, keep track of everyone's progress, and communicate instructions or due dates. ┬áTrello comes with boards, cards, lists and labels to maximize communication and productivity. #2. Dropbox Dropbox allows you to easily share files between different computers and devices … [Read more...]

How to Use Evernote as a Blogger

Have you ever tried to use Evernote as a blogging tool? Evernote is a tool that helps you to remember everything - that comes in handy if you're creating content on a regular basis. Michael Hyatt - a prominent leader in the publishing business - has been using it as his primary workbench for a long time - and you can see for yourself how successful his blog is. In fact in this article, Michael shares his Evernote workflow, which consists of six steps to creating a new blog post. Read the full article here. How about you? Have you tried Evernote - What was your experience? … [Read more...]