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How Brands Have Become Publishers

A  lot of people think of content marketing as a 'new thing'. But the fact is content marketing has actually been around for almost a century. Back in 1931 John Deere created 'The Furrow' magazine, to educate farmers on new technology and how it could help them become more successful. This publication is now widely accepted as being the first example of corporate story-telling (content marketing). Today all brands have become publishers and are creating content in one form or another (the barriers to corporate publishing are gone). The only difference between traditional media publishers and non-media publishers is how the money comes in: For a media publishing brand, content is created in order to make money either through direct selling of content (e.g. newspapers and magazines) or advertising sales. But for a non-media … [Read more...]

How Smart Content Solves the Engagement Problem

A recent study by Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs, revealed that content marketing acceptance and usage is high across all industries, with no single industry reporting less than 70% adoption. And yet just like in previous years, marketers continue to lament that their number one challenge is creating relevant and engaging content. Why is engagement still a problem? Well let's look at it from the consumers point of view. If you think about it, customers are accidental content consumers. They don't visit a business website merely for their reading pleasure. They're there to buy, to get product information or for support. If they happen to encounter relevant, or engaging content while they're at it, then that becomes additional information that helps to support their buying decision. The funny thing is that smart content … [Read more...]