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4 Ways Google Helpouts Could Impact HealthCare

Google Helpouts is creating a lot of buzz online. It's a tool where people can connect with, and get help from experts anywhere in the world via real-time, one-on-one video chat. So for example if you're preparing to go out on a date and need help putting on makeup like a pro, you would simply browse the Helpouts section under 'Beauty and Fashion,' find out what time the next professional make-up artist is available, schedule an appointment, pay a fee via Google Wallet, show up at scheduled time, and get the help you need! Opportunities for Healthcare Google Helpouts looks like a compelling alternative to the more traditional 'in-person' method of providing medical care. Already there's a small number of physicians who are early adopters - many are charging a small fee to give advice on a wide range of health issues … [Read more...]

3 Unintended Consequences of Digital Health

Digital has become the lens through which we see the world. Once, there was a separation between our ‘real-life’ activities i.e. what we did from 9-5, and our social activities i.e. what we did on evenings and weekends. The two rarely intersected. But that line of separation has become blurred. Today many of our in-person experiences (such as working, shopping, dining out, or watching TV) have leaked into the digital realm through sharing on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms. For sure technology has changed the way we live. Even healthcare is going in the same direction. Perhaps this is best seen in people's online health activities. Studies show that 85% of U.S. adults use the Internet, while 72% of this demographic say they look for health information online, presumably before seeing a doctor. Mostly … [Read more...]