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What Healthcare Can Learn from Kodak & Instagram

Once upon a time Eastman Kodak was the consummate American success story. Dominating its market in 1976, it had a 90% share of the film industry, plus 80% of its cameras were sold in the United States. Kodak Park in Rochester, NY had 29,000 employees, its own fire company, rail system, a water treatment plant and a continuously staffed medical facility. Then in 2012 everything changed. The company declared bankruptcy, stopped making digital cameras and their staff dwindled by 90%! There's only one word to explain what happened - Instagram! In his very compelling article, "What Instagram and Kodak have to do with Health Reform" Dr. Rob Lambert explains three vital lessons that Healthcare can learn from the Kodak-Instagram story: Rely on technology to simplify things greatly Use social technology to cut out black … [Read more...]