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6 Content Curation Tips for Delivering Maximum Value to Your Audience

Do you curate content from other sites on your own blog? If so, you're probably doing it one of two ways. Either you're just posting excerpts (not the whole thing!) of other people's articles and including a link back to the original source (this is actually called content aggregation). Or you're posting excerpts of other people's articles and adding your own commentary to provide additional insights and context to the article (true content curation). The first method offers some value to your audience in the sense that you're doing a lot of the heavy lifting on their behalf thus giving them a quick resource for keeping up to date with relevant content. In exchange they rely on you to point them in the right direction for content on a particular topic(s). See as an example. The second method offers even more … [Read more...]

8 Tips for Successful Landing Pages

It's easy to spot a poor landing page on someone else's website. But creating a successful one right from scratch is another matter altogether. Too often we end up with a confusing page that causes the visitor to bounce away never to be heard from again. If you want to reduce the bounce rate on your landing page and generate more business leads, here are some content tips that will set you on the right path: Show benefits It's not enough for prospects to know that you're the best accountant in the county. The first thing that visitors want to know when they see your landing page is 'what's in it for me'? So before you go too far with your copy, show your visitors the benefits of working with you. Tell them what they stand to gain if they go with you instead of the competition. This is also a great opportunity to show … [Read more...]