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Great Healthcare Stories Meet These 3 Rules: Do Yours?

Several weeks ago a client asked me to write an educational article about - of all things - Oculoplastic surgery. If you're like me, you'd have been sweating bullets because I'd never heard of the term before nor did I know what it meant. How in the world was I supposed to write an article about something that sounded so completely plastic? But as I started to research the topic, I discovered that this was really quite a fascinating subject. It's a specialized form of eye surgery that corrects terrible injuries, deformities or other problems that involve the eye area. Usually it involves some type of re-construction of the tissue around the eye. But still. The challenge remained. How would I make it interesting enough for people to want to read. Around the same time, I was reading a book called 'Tell … [Read more...]

7 Content Ideas to Blow Up Your Business in 12 Months (or Less) #cmworld

Are you looking to explode your blog with great content? Got ideas that will generate new business leads? If you want to grow your business through content marketing, simply write about the things people care about - even if some of those things are uncomfortable to talk about! If you don't, no-one is going to read your content. Marcus Sheridan, CEO of River Pools and Spas grew his business from a seriously disadvantaged position to the most popular swimming pool website in the world! In his presentation at Content Marketing World (#cmworld), Marcus explained how blogging about 'the things people really want to hear' blew up his business and raked in millions of dollars in sales! Here are 7 content ideas that he used: Questions from your customers When a customer asks a question about your product or your industry, find out … [Read more...]

An Essential Checklist for Creating Valuable Content #cmworld

Are you struggling to create valuable content on your blog? Do you know the 5 key elements that ALL your content should include? One of the most valuable lessons I learned at Content Marketing World (#cmworld) is how to develop a step-by-step checklist for creating valuable content (by Ahava Leibtag). On the left column, it shows your key content objectives and on the right column it shows the elements needed to fulfill that objective. Download the checklist here. But before you start using the checklist, be sure to set the stage so that your chances of success are greater. Personalize it for your organization Use key words, descriptions, and call to actions that are relevant to your specific brand and industry. Get the right people involved You will need to involve all the decision-makers - including a content … [Read more...]

How to Use 7 Fascination Triggers to Captivate your Audience #cmworld

Are your customers captivated by your brand? Does your content fascinate and compel them to act? Fascination is an intense emotional focus that produces moments of authentic connection between you and your customers. When your audience is truly fascinated with your content, you have the ability to persuade them, sell to them and even change the course of their decision-making process. During Sally Hogshead’s presentation at Content Marketing World, she introduced 7 fascination triggers that you can use to transform your content and capture your customers’ interest. The power trigger This technique is used by brands that want to present themselves as ‘the experts’. Such brands are widely perceived as the go-to resource in their category because they create content that projects authority. If your challenge is to become ‘the’ … [Read more...]

Content Marketing World – Boosting Your Content Marketing Knowledge

Why should you invest in knowledge? Why make the effort to discover new ideas, and learn new things about your field? Because as a content marketing consultant, you get paid for what you know. And you get paid extra when you show insight or daring, or when you do something that other consultants cannot do. That's the reason I'm attending Content Marketing World -  starting this evening at 6PM through Thursday. For me it's an opportunity to discover new ideas that will help me solve my customers' problems. I'm looking forward to hearing from experts and pioneers in the content marketing industry. Folks like Joe Pulizzi, Jason Falls, David Meerman Scott, Jason Baer, Joe Chernov, Ann Handley, my colleague Nate Riggs, and many, many others. But I'm also excited about networking with regular folks who are there simply to learn. I can't … [Read more...]